Anna Sweeten works in Europe and North America using various media: egg tempera, oils, acylics and watercolors. These have different working processes, the meticulous realism of her egg temperas, the freer expression of her oil paintings. and the limited palette of her watercolors.

The artist's work however divides into two bodies, her landscapes and her still life paintings, which cross the boundaries of location, medium and methodology.

Anna Sweeten's landscape paintings are driven by her spontaneous reaction to the landscape itself. Painting in her studio, she works, often over an extended period,
to re-create the vision of the landscape that first captured
her imagination.

Still life represents a diametrically opposite approach,
in which the artist chooses objects - bottles, bowls, fruit,
flowers - to arrange with thought and reflection until the
shapes, colors and textures create the composition she
decides to paint.

Whether landscape or still life, in egg tempera, oils or
other media, and whether painted in New England or
the British Isles, the paintings all share the clarity of
composition and subtlety of palette that are the defining
characteristics of Anna Sweeten's work.

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